Eclipse Equinox OSGi for JIRA

This is really powerful add-on which deploys 
the Eclipse Equinox engine on JIRA and provides a true OSGi environment.
It starts and stops with JIRA and allows JIRA administrators to deploy Eclipse plugins on it.
It includes some useful Eclipse plugins to support Graphical User Interfaces out-of-the-box built as RAP applications, support for WAB (Web Application Bundles), etc.
It extends the power of Eclipse to the JIRA and converts JIRA into a powerful platform.

The add-on is fully integrated with JIRA. It means developers can access to the full JIRA Java API from their custom Eclipse plugins, insert break points and debug them as usual on JIRA (atlas-debug) and write in the JIRA logs with the sfl4j library in a straightforward way.

JIRA administrators are able to explore the Eclipse Equinox OSGi environment by using the Apache Felix OSGi web console, start and stop Eclipse plugins as well as install and un-install them.