Lost in a nightmare of linked issues? Afraid from using JIRA links extensively?

Links Hierarchy is the most completelightweight and powerful add-on available today on the Atlassian Marketplace to discover, trace and report linked issues.
It has become the leader add-on to deal with complex hierarchies with a strong pace.

Links Hierarchy resolves the historical lack of visibility when users work with regular linked issues on JIRA and it unifies JIRA regular links, epics and subtasks under an uniform an intuitive hierarchy.

It is 100% built upon JIRA standards rather than providing an alternative parallel system to structure data on JIRA based on issue indentation. The expressiveness of JIRA links cannot be replaced by global meaningful structures of indented issues.

Links Hierarchy is ready to work out-of-the-box and without requiring any configuration, synchronization, internal storage or backup.

Links Hierarchy brings all the HTML5 power of your favorite browser to draw linked issues on interactive tree view, network graph and matrix views.

It is fully integrated with JIRA Agile (Greenhopper) making planning easier and more confident by bringing the power of JIRA  links into the Scrum's planning and Kanban's work details views.

Don't miss any linked issue anymore when working with requirements, planning, resolving a bug or performing a test!

As it provides a hierarchical view of linked issues, many users fall in confusion: Links Hierarchy is not a planning tool neither it is intended to replace Gantt planners. It brings a traversal view of JIRA projects (ALM), though. If your issues are linked across several Application Lifecycle stages (requirements, planning, development, testing, etc.) then it will resolve the problem of discovering, tracing and reporting nicely.


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