Support Agreement for Kinto Soft's Atlassian Marketplace add-ons
(Last updated: 2015-01-25)


All the add-ons provided by Kinto Soft Ltd are fully supported regardless their license model (free or commercial) under the conditions described below unless explicitly unsupported.


All the add-ons are fully documented and the documentation is public and up to date. You are encouraged to read it in order to get an overall view of the add-ons as well as for all the details.


If the documentation does not resolve your problem/doubt, then please do not hesitate contact by using some of the available channels:
  • JIRA Tracker: for bugs and detailed improvement requests
  • Atlassian's Answers (*): for generic questions, discuss new features, tips and tricks, etc.
  • email: at for the rest, or simply if you are more comfortable by using this channel.
(*) If you make a question on the Answer portal, be sure please of including the properly add-on key as a tag in your question in order to ensure the Answers portal dispatches a notification:

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Kinto Soft guarantees contact you through the same channel within the next support day accordingly to the following Support time (12x5):
  • Time zone: (GMT +01:00) Europe/Berlin
  • Support time from : 09:00
  • Support time to: 21:00
  • Support days: From Monday to Friday
  • Support Holidays:  Available 365 days/year.
Contacting does not guarantee your problem is going to be resolved in one business day: Only critical bugs regarding security and performance issues (affecting your overall JIRA instance performance) are guaranteed for resolution within next 3 support days. The rest of the issues will be properly estimated based on a further analysis or rejected whether they are not accepted. In all the cases, you will received a well reasoned answer.

Discontinued add-ons

If an add-on becomes discontinued, only critical security issues are guaranteed to be resolved within next 3 support days.